This page is a working tool designed to keep the CSIM Health Promotion Committee on track with respect to various works in progress.

Historically, there are five major things that we do:

  1. Hui Lee Scholarship
  2. HP Heroes (role modelling HP)
  3. The ACP/CSIM Wellness project
  4. CSIM HP Journal Club
  5. Providing HP Content/Guidance for the CJGIM, ASM, WWW, … 

Read below to learn and participate in these projects.

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One of the great challenges in HP relates to its incredible breadth.

Traditionally, we look to health care systems when the goal is to manage disease, but in the field of health promotion, virtually all elements of popular culture, as well as the built and natural environment come into play. So while Health Promotion presents us with some of the greatest opportunities for impacting health, the breadth and abstractness of the field is intimidating.

Defining and promoting the values, culture, skills and practice of HP to the membership at large is core to the mission of the HP committee and we have embarked upon a project to better define the core ideas, values, and domains of HP. Click on the logo above or on this text to submit your $ 0.02.

As vital as the “Defining HP” project is, nothing drives home the purpose and value of HP more than a concrete example of Health Promotion in practice. Happily the CSIM is not short of dynamic and engaged Health Promotion researchers, and practitioners.

In the spirt of leading by example, this project seeks to educate and inspire the membership by presenting HP role models.

There are many excellent candidates for this exercise, including our Hui Lee Scholars, as well as the newest additions to the HP committee, the ACP Wellness Champions. We are working with the CJGIM to develop a template that features a HP role model, their work, and a brief virtual interview that adds color and texture to their work as a Health Promoter.

Click the logo above  or here to submit sample questions for these interviews.



The ACP has made physician wellness a priority and offers a three year training and mentorship program to select physicians.

In 2019, the ACP governors of Canada, all active members of the CSIM, collaborated to unite these Wellness Champions under the umbrella of the HP committee to promote a national dialogue and initiatives on Physician Wellness in Canada.

6 Internists completed the two year ACP Wellness Champion training.

The ACP is launching a new round of training which, due to COVID, will be mostly if not entirely online. This likely makes training more accessible and we encourage all HP minded internists to promote this opportunity amongst their colleagues. Applicants can sign up by clicking anywhere in this text field.

Most of us probably do more HP reading than we think, but the take home messages to much of this reading are forgotten as we rush to address our patient’s acute problems. Most often in a traditional medical mode:  “What is the Dx?” –  “Which treatment is best?”.

Promoting health requires a different mindset as there are not too many RCTs comparing Treatment A to Treatment B for determinants of health such as poverty, low SES, race, gender, or geographic status. Treating such broader conditions (whether it be in a single patient or in society at large) requires larger approaches, outcomes are measured over longer time frames (sometimes generations), and interventions tend to be much more complex and cross disciplinary.

There is nonetheless an evidence base, and the CSIM Literature review project seeks to ferret out and promote the best HP evidence to the membership at large.

This is a work in progress. Considerable resources have been allowed to develop a submission, distribution, and voting mechanism. Committee members are encouraged to submit 1 – 2 articles per 3 month cycle. Submit your leading article now!



  • Original Research
  • Review papers


  • Creating Healthy Meetings (Food, Breaks, Walk/Runs, Exercise, …)
  • Keynotes
  • Workshops
  • Short snappers
  • Roundtables
  • Interactive kiosks (surveys, etc.)

Online Events


  • Workshops